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Means of transport. León ( Spain )

Airplane (Aeropuerto Aena)

AVE ( Renfe) High speed Train


EXHIBITION AND SALE( Cembranos - León)


  In our ship exhibition they found more than 3.000 unique Pieces in Antiques:

Cupboards, coffers, benches, tables, sculptures, marks, consoles, writing-desks, decorated spanish cabinets, taquillones, amphoras, handle-bars, banks, paintings, closets, comfortable, bureaus, trunks, tinajas, lamps, pianos, pianolas, beds, dining rooms, taquillones, mirrors, chairs, saltcellars, marquetry, apply, clocks, forges, ceramics, beams, boards, braces, mortars, troughs, gilded, doors, inner doors, batteries, chairs, maseras, reliefs, boilers, dippers, columns, aperos de labranza, etc.

and own Crafts done with material products of great quality:

Dormitories, stairs, Dining rooms, Tables, coffers, chairs, sculptures, pictures, etc.


The ship of exhibition of 1700m2, only in its sort, it has been constructed artisan by the Teacher and his children in 7 years of work. This located to 14 km of Leon in the Ctra. Leon - Benavente, (Cembranos).

The sculpture that is in the facade of the ship,we did it of an Elm tree of 10m of height, on which on the one hand we carved faces and serpents, and by the other side we molded a Concrete cyclop. The unique sculpture in his I slowly generate weight 14 tons and tour on itself, and everything as a whole without moverte of the site can be seen.







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