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We build, design or reproduce all kinds of pieces of wood, stone, wrought iron, paint, grating, glass, etc. To taste, style, size, finish, the customer wants. We perform all types of restoration of antiques and art. Also transform your pieces for other uses. Visit us at our new store in Leon and any questions, just ask without obligation, we hope.





Hand - wooden candle holder--------------Wooden Christ
Virgen del Camino we make in wood, iron and brass


PueThis is a man who lived in León turn of the century. He was known for his small stature, its ugliness, its playfulness, by frequenting brothels, but above all, for being a great drunk. By profession he was pellejero, though hardly exercised; Most of the time was spent in the bars of the time, marc drinking late into the night. One night, returning home on the road cubes a twinge stopped her in the middle of the street to meet their basic needs. The high degree of alcoholism in which it was plunged prevented him from realizing that the first garbage truck that was in León was round there. He died tragically hit by vehicle. Since then, his followers held a procession in her honor, in sharp contrast to the official liturgical processions. The hanger brother of the brotherhood of Genarín climbs every Thursday night holy lion old wall to provide his unorthodox marc pattern, cheese, orange, and the following verses:

And before being declaimed to the glory of this world,
Following you in your habits, for they never won it luxuries,
Let's drink to your mind a Copina pomace,
That's what more you sucked before being deceased

GENARIN Tallado en madera

Carrascona 40 tabs to play between two people and Carrascona processional cross with five tabs to wear as jesus take the cross in the waterway.
Last dinner

Tenebrarios ( 15 velas)

A tenebrario is a triangular candlestick fifteen candles arranged in steps, which gradually died down during the Occupation of Darkness or Officium tenebrarum at Easter.

It symbolizes the day of the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. The fifteen candles representing the three Marys eleven apostles and the Virgin Mary, that is, those who accompanied Jesus on the day symbolized

Also can be used as Christmas Bouquet Leonés placing only 12 candles. And for all kinds of events such as weddings, baptisms, funerals, anniversaries, etc.