Restoratioms Of All Typer, Antiques and Crafts


Years ago, we find the existence of a family workshop full of tasks, hope and personal investigation in various artistic aspects, with orders of many different unique pieces already restored not only for national clients but also international.

Within the workshop the presence of the master Epigmenio Llamazares Gutíerrez  who started in this profession at the age of 10 and has continued all his life.  At 17 years of age he was the Spanish champion in wooden craftsmanship competing with 60 champions from other Spanish provinces


60 Years of experience in wood, forge, stone, painting, stained glass window, etc and all types of restorations.

Diseñamos y fabricamos muebles y complementos de gran calidad para decorar su casa. Lo hacemos en proporción al dinero que desee gastarse. Todo bajo presupuesto sín ningún compromiso. Todo en Decoración

We are Authentic Restauradores of Antiques and through our hands they have passed thousands of pieces of all type. Which have been recovered according to sitemas and scales so that they do not lose his value and revalue plus every year that happens.


Our work is characterized to use techniques and tools in its majority forgotten by the human being due to the modernization, comfort and time. We did not separate them from our side since the result and quality that with them we obtained are incomparable.

We have a great old and precious material reserve for the restorations, accumulated in 50 years of work nowadays impossible to obtain and to find.




We rent rooms and decorative elements

for films, video recordings and all kinds of events



Some of Our Restoration Work, Building and Construction



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